DTG (Direct to Garment Printer)

Like all advancement in technology, DTG produces a very high quality photographic like prints on to cotton based garments like t-shirts. Our latest DTG printer also known as "Direct To Garment Printing" uses chemical free inks for a safe working environment with a Oeko-Tex certification so garments are safe to be worn by adults, children and infants. 

DTG allows us to offer our customers the ability to purchase one off prints, including small to medium orders with no restrictions on colours or quantities. Our printer also has the capability to print white inks on darker garments giving your image or design that high colour vibrancy finish it deserves. To top it off our printed apparel is designed to last many washes without peeling, cracking or fading.

Heat Transfer Graphics

Unlike our DTG machine, which involves loading the garment and printing directly on the fabric, our heat transfer printing service is applying heat-transfer materials to various items (i.e. business shirts) with a commercial heat press from a solid colour or pre-printed graphic. Heat-applied materials contain a heat-sensitive adhesive on one side. When heat is applied by a commercial heat press to the material, the material creates a bond into the fabric itself.

One example of when heat-transfer is used on a day-to-day basis is sporting tops with a player's name and number. This method has been used by EGA for custom garment printing countless times, including applying business logos to polo tops, jumpers and a range of garments which are not suitable for DTG printing.

The result is a professional finish that displays your company logo and slogans in clear detail and has the durability to match. We can print on almost all fabric types including bags, caps, aprons and more.